Vital Operations Consulting was founded by Aaron Wolff in 2008 in response to his observation that clinical quality is only sustained when business practices are successful. His 25 years of experience in healthcare taught him if he wanted the freedom to pursue optimal outcomes for patients, he had to ensure the business was healthy. Emergency department leadership for 10 years in both for profit and non- profit organizations ingrained the criticality of consistent operations to ensure business success.

His career focus of more than 5 years in a corporate role in hospital operational leadership rounded out his experience with an ideal perspective for consulting. In addition to his consulting, Aaron is recognized for his speaking and publishing. He has been acknowledged with publication by the Emergency Nurses Association as well as Sigma Theta Tau.

He lectures nationally on clinical operations, security, and leadership in addition to clinical topics. He has a passion for leveraging the clinical aptitudes into business and operational planning to ensure the driving forces in healthcare remain focused on the patient. Aaron finds the scientifically based methodologies of Lean and 6 Sigma to represent ideal tools for engaging the clinical mind in the business of healthcare.

“Quality clinical outcomes are contingent upon quality business practices.”

Aaron Wolff