Our consultant teams are published experts in clinical and hospital operations. We leverage our grounding in the realities of clinical care with the rigor of LEAN and Six Sigma process design methodologies. Then we add human centering using design thinking to ensure an effective customer focused experience. By incorporating project management professionals, we ensure our solutions stick and your success is sustained through cultural integration of new practices.


We specialize in acute care operations and clinical quality consulting.  Emergency Departments are where we start our work and then we branch off from there.  We find the most opportunity in inpatient flow, lab and radiology services.  Call for a free discussion on how we can help you better serve your patients.

Hospital Designation Pursuits

Whether its ACS trauma, Cardiac, Stroke or a Joint Commission certification, we can help.  Get started now with a free call to discuss your needs


We find extensive opportunities for efficiency improvement in small businesses.  When processes are optimized, margins improve.  Don’t let profits slip away. Call today for a free discussion of your needs and how we can help.