Our approach.

We design products, packaging and user experiences with a unique research based process i call Informed Creativity. Our work has been recognised with multiple international awards and widely covered in the press.

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Advanced Grid

Truly one of the most powerful and advanced grid system with equal-height columns.

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Digital Branding

Uncode comes with pixel perfect & clean design to satisfy any possible an impossible needs.

How we do it.

Our approach to design takes inspiration from real people and has its ultimate goal in the clarification of purpose and meaning. By better understanding who we are designing for, we create experiences of real value.

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Top Performance

Automatically adapt and set your images for best quality on all devices and resolutions.

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Responsive Design

A perfect responsive theme powered with selective options for different screen resolutions.

Provider in Triage

Our Provider in Triage designs have been presented in lectures across the country and we have implemented custom designs for more than 30 emergency departments.  Save design time and ensure successful implementation and sustainability. Put our experience to work in your hospital.

Front End Process Design

Shorten admit and discharge length of stay and reduce you left without being seen events by engineering for outcomes in your front-end process design.  This work delivers one of the fastest returns of investment of all our services.  Don’t let inefficient processes block your department’s financial and patient satisfaction success.

Emergency Severity Index (ESI) Triage 

The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) and the American College of Emergency Physician(ACEP) co-endorse 5-Level Triage as the standard of care.  Our experience illustrates successful implementation requires initial and ongoing staff training and quality assurance process—and the ENA position statement backs our claim.

Admission Flow/Length of Stay

Our proprietary assessment tools and help us diagnose opportunity rapidly so we can facilitate LEAN/6-Sigma methodologies to engineer the outcomes you need.  Contact us for a phone or web-based initial review of your needs and opportunities.

Discharge Flow/Length of Stay 

We often find more capacity can be opened with just a few simple solutions to shorten discharge length of stay. The result is many other metrics also improve.  If your averaged discharge LOS is above 150, contact us right away.

Boarding Reduction 

Boarding is a challenge that causes frustration for patients, staff and physicians.  Implementing a best practice or two will rarely be reduce the burden that is increasing your labor costs, decreasing your patient satisfaction and may even have you thinking about constructing more beds.  Contact us before you lose any more time, staff or money.

Physician Contract Negotiation

We have reviewed thousands of hospital/physician contracts and our founder is the section editor for the lead medical textbook on this topic.  Before you negotiate, let our experience guide your strategy.

Custom Nursing Education

We have California Continuing Education approved course at the ready and we can custom build content for any unique needs.  Get evidence-based knowledge to your bedsides.

ED Leadership Mentoring

A passion to ensuring the success of ED leaders is what fuels all our work.  If they know what to do, great patient care comes naturally.  Contact us to discuss your needs and we can tailor a plan to grow you to the next level of success.

Custom Process Design

Whether you already know what needs to be reengineered, or you want help in assessing the opportunities, we have the knowledge and experience you need.  Start by putting our skills to the test with a free discussion by contacting us now.

ED Construction Design

We have participated in the design and build of many projects in several states.  This service can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars .Get the experience you need by contacting us before you start.